How much data is being used?

The following table provides a approximation of how large certain files sizes are and how much data is used to stream multimedia.

Typical Web Page 1 MB
Email (Text Only) 0.01 MB
Digital Photo (Hi-Res) 5 MB
Opening a 2 page (Text only) Google Doc 0.005 MB
Writing a 2 page (Text only) Google Doc 0.0015 MB
Size of a 2 page MS Word (Text only) Doc 0.012 MB
Creating a Google Sheet with 60 values and an embedded graph 0.033 MB
Audio Streaming 60 MB/Hour
Video Streaming (360p) 335 MB/Hour
Video Streaming (480p) 450 MB/Hour
Video Streaming (720p) 1100 MB/Hour
Video Streaming (1080p) 200 MB/Hour
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