How can I be sure if an email is Spam? What should I do with spam emails?

Spam filtering is never 100% perfect, there is always the chance spam email will appear in your inbox, below are a few simple signs you can use to identify spam.

  • Is the email address legitimate?
    Look closely at who the email is coming from, sometimes there are obviously tell tale signs such as a non official looking email address
  • Are you a customer of the company the email is claiming to be from?
    Spam is normally sent out blindly, hoping either to trick people or simply play on people's curiosity, best to not click on any links in a suspicious email. If you are a customer you can always ring to confirm the emails authenticity.
  • Does the company normally send you emails? 
    Many times the companies the spam email claims to be from does not normally sent out emails for billing. You should compare to the previous emails you have from the company
  • Does it look like previous emails you have received?
    While spammers will try to make their emails appear as accurate as possible, there is normally a noticeable difference from normal emails from the company, if unsure compare to a previous email.

If you do receive a spam email the best course of actions is to report the email as spam using the report spam button which. Reporting spam allows GMail to learn and improve the spam filtering in place.

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