Year 7-9 Student with a Chromebook Setup

Students in years 7-9 are required to setup their device ready for NAPLAN.

The video below will guide you through the required process OR if you prefer, follow the steps below.


Step One

Click "Get Started" and connect to a Wifi network with internet access. If you are at the College use "SHC OnBoarding"

#Note : If you do not see a "Get Started" button you may need to "PowerWash" (Factory wipe) your Chromebook before proceeding. 

Step Two

Click the "For Work or School" and continue by clicking "next".

Step Three

Click "Enrol the Device" and continue by clicking "next".

Step Four

As prompted, enter your SHC email address and password and complete the "Enteprise Device Enrolment" and click "done".

Step Five

As prompted, enter your SHC email address and password to log into the Chromebook. Your first login may include a 'Terms and Conditions' form as well as some user experience customisation options. Complete these as desired.

Step Six

If you have not changed your password, now is the time to do so. Goto and follow the directions to change your College password.

#Note : New students will receive their password on day one of school

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