Year 10-12 Student with a Windows Laptop Setup

For Year 10-12 Students using a Windows Laptop some setup is required to allow the device to be used on the Sacred Heart Network.

The video below will guide you through the required process OR if you prefer, follow the steps below.


Step One

Connect to a Wifi network with internet access. If you are at the College use "SHC OnBoarding"

Step Two

Open a browser, If you are not automaticly redirected to the "Sacred Heart College Network" login page then goto

Step Three

You will now be presented with multiple links to complete printer setup and install Chrome. Complete them as prompted before proceeding. If you miss these steps during this process you can follow the help articles below

   Install and Log into Chrome

   Install Printers

Step Four

Click the "Start Quick Connect". This will download a file. Depending upon your computer setup you may need to make appropriate actions to keep the file if it is reported as a dangerous type. 

Step Five

Start the downloaded file (ArubaQuickConnect.exe) from your browser by selecting "open file" or directly from your downloads folder.

Step Six

Complete the onboarding by continuing through the "Onboard Wizard" and selecting "Yes" when asked about installing certificates. Complete this process by clicking done.

Step Seven

Make sure you connect your laptop to the "SHC Users" network when using it at the College.

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