At SHC we use NXWitness for gaining access to our CCTV system.

Access is approved for College Leadership Teams.

Logging on

  1. Open the NXWitness Client from the Application Window on your college laptop.
  2. Login using your college credentials.
  3. The list of cameras are located on the left of screen.


CCTV footage is kept for 21 days. We no longer allow the exporting of any CCTV footage. If you require the footage to be kept longer then you will need to bookmark the required section. To bookmark footage please follow the below steps:

  1. Open the camera and locate the correct time.
  2. Right click on the timeline at the bottom of screen and select "Mark Selection Start".
  3. You will then need to do the same for the required end of footage "Mark Selection End"
  4. You will see your time selection is highlighted. Right click on the highlighted section and select "Add Bookmark" and fill in with some meaningful information. 

Note: Bookmarks are visible to all users in NXWitness


Navigating to a saved Bookmark

  1. Once in NXWitness navigate to the camera which you have previously bookmarked.
  2. On the right hand side you will see your saved bookmark.nxwitness5.png
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