Google Drive File Stream

This application is being made available to single user mobile device's across Sacred Heart College.

Following this procedure your Google Drive will show as 'G Drive'. You can use 'G Drive' just as you would any other drive and be comforted in the knowledge its all backed up in the Cloud.

This procedure will also make the 'G Drive' your default save location on your laptop.

This procedure may use large amounts of internet traffic so its recommended you conduct this setup whilst connected to the College WiFi.


  1. Launch the application title "Google Drive File Stream" from either your start menu or the application window.
  2. When presented, Log into the Sign In box using your College Email address and passwordGFS_login_prompt.png
  3. Select allow when the window titled "Google Drive File Stream would like to:" is shown.
  4. Select OK to the prompt that reads "You still have files in your local Documents folder, we will now move these to your Google Drive in a folder named "Local Documents".
  5. The last thing you need to do is make your G drive accessible offline. Do this by opening 'G Drive', right clicking 'My Drive' and selecting "Available offline' under the "drive File Stream" menu.



The procedure is now complete. When you access the 'G Drive' you will see 'My Drive' and 'Team Dives' and can access all of your Google Drive files as if there are on a local disk. Likewise, when you access 'My Drive' you will be presented with your Google Drive.

If you need assistance or have any questions please contact us at

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