Google Classroom

Accepting a newly created classroom

Google Classroom are created in the Provisioned state, you can not use them until you accept the invitation. Students will also be unable to see the classroom until you have accepted the invite. To accept the invite use the step below:

  1. Open Google Classroom
  2. You will see the classroom in the provision state, they will appear similar to this
  3. Click on the accept option, the classroom will now be active and ready to use

I Declined a classroom by mistake

If you decline a classroom invite there is no way for you to undo this action, please contact IT Support to resolve this

A Student doesn't appear in your classroom

Students are sync once a week due to the time it takes for the sync to finish, you can always invite students using the classroom code

A student who has left the class is still in the classroom

The sync does not remove students automatically as we have found that can make locating work harder if needed later. You can remove a student manually if you wish.


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