First Login Setup and Information


Zenworks is used by SHC to manage our Windows desktop and laptop fleet and make application available to users. Applications can be found either in the Windows Start Menu or the ZENWorks Application Window ZenworksApplicationWindow.png which can be opened from the desktop.


The first time you access a specific desktop or laptop please make sure you are signed in to the following applications to get the best user experience, you can open them from the Start Menu or ZENWorks Application Window

GoogleDriveDesktop.png Google Drive for Desktop

AdobeCC.png Adobe Creative Cloud

PapercutPrintDeploy.png Papercut Print Deploy

ViVi.png ViVi


SHC uses Papercut "Find Me Printing", you can have your job print at whatever photocopier is closest without having to specifically select it.

When printing make sure you have the "Print_Queue [mobilityprint](Mobility)" printer selected when printing you job. You will receive an email indicating if your job has been accepted by the system, or rejected with the reason why.

To login to a photocopier you can either use your SHC username and password or a NFC Fob. 



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