SHC BYOD setup guide

1. Connecting to WIFI

  • To connect to the SHC WIFI you must be on College grounds.
  • Connect to the “SHC” WIFI network using SHC ID and password


2. Installing inspection certificate

Note: This certificate allows your computer to access the internet while being filtered by our internet filtering services. Filtering is only active while you are connected to the College Wifi.

Note: This step is not required for Chromebooks logged into a SHC account

On a Apple Device

1. Download shc_inspection.cer here

2. Double click the "shc_inspection.cer" file

3. When prompted select the "login" keychain


4. When the "Keychain Access" box apears, select the "login" keychain in the top left

5. Scroll down the list of certificates until you see "Netbox Blue" then double click it

6. Change the Trust of the certificate to "Always Trust"


7. Exit the keychain using your Apple username and password when prompted to commit the changes

On a Windows Device

1. Download shc_inspection.cer here

2. Double click the "shc_inspection.cer" file 

3. Press open or ok on any security warnings


4. Click on Install Certificate


5. Click next until completed


3. Install and log into Chrome

  • Download and Install Chrome by following the instructions at
  • Log into Chrome using your email address (<SHC ID Number> and password.
  • When prompted choose to “Link data” and “Yes, I’m in

Chrome_step_1.png    Chrome_step_2.png


4. Installing College Printing

Note: To install SHC printing you will need to be onsite and connected to SHC Wifi

Please go to Papercut Mobility Setup and follow the provided instructions

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